What Do You Think: Abortion Ban

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Initiative: Abortion

Number of States Voting: 3

Where: South Dakota, California, Oregon.

Proponents Say: (South Dakota) A law banning all abortions should be repealed because it is unconstitutional and violates the Roe v. Wade decision; (California, Oregon) When a minor is pregnant, her parents have a right to know if an abortion will be performed.

Opponents Say: (South Dakota) The state legislature was well within legal parameters by banning abortion, no constitutional rules were broken, and the Roe v. Wade decision does not define states rights; (California, Oregon) Pregnant girls may delay seeking medical care or try to abort their fetuses through dangerous or illegal means.

Abortion Ban Rejected in: South Dakota.

Parental Consent Rejected in: California, Oregon

Should abortion be available for every woman who seeks to terminate her pregnancy?

Do parents have the right to know if their underage daughter is having an abortion?
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