Did a Terrorist Fool Israeli Intelligence?

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Salim Sarsour, 29, the terrorist who lobbed two grenades into a bus station in Beersheba last week, has also confessed to being responsible for two recent attacks in Hebron: a fatal stabbing and a grenade assault that wounded 14 soldiers. Apparently, he did all this while being courted by Shin Bet, Israelís internal-security agency, to inform on the militant group Hamas. According to a Palestinian intelligence official, one of Sarsourís cohort, in detention after the Beersheba attack, claims Sarsour told him that he had multiple meetings with Shin Bet officers; that he was given $1,000, in part to pay for a mobile phone to facilitate contacts with Shin Bet; and that his Shin Bet handlers helped him travel to Jerusalem three times, during which time he scouted targets. The Israelis claim that they had asked the Palestinian Authority to arrest Sarsour before his crimes; the P.A. says he was never on its list.