TIME Daily's Top 10 Reasons John Glenn Shouldn't Go Back Into Space

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10. Orange pressure suits look terrible with black support socks and sandals.

9. Wanders away during space walk.

8. Pins up poster of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in crew quarters.

7. Drives the shuttle 10,000 mph under the limit with the left blinker on.

6. Every time he sees the sun, screams "The moon's on fire! The moon's on fire!"

5. When Houston requests a status report on his ship, he thinks they're asking about his hip.

4. Wears the pants of his spacesuit up around his nipples.

3. Sets the thermostat too warm for the other astronauts.

2. Yells at the talking heads on the video monitors.

1. Puts dentures in glass of water every night but forgets to batten it down.