Second Helping for Tyson

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LAS VEGAS: Well, at least Mike Tyson is off the streets. The Nevada Athletic Commission has given Tyson his old job back after the fighter promised to behave. And as hard as it is to apply the term "charity case" to a convicted rapist, the strange saga of Mike Tyson -- bolstered by the testimony of Muhammad Ali and Magic Johnson -- may actually have softened a few hearts Monday. "There are only a few punishments worse than being denied a right to make a living," Ali said in a statement. (Ali was banned for three and a half years for refusing the draft.)

Maybe it's the money. After making $100 million since his release from prison, Tyson owes the IRS $13 million. But the commission doesn't want to be thought of as pushovers. "I want to warn you, from my view, this will be your last chance," Chairman Elias Ghanem told Tyson after he gave him the good news. "You will either conduct yourself in accordance with our rules and regulations, or you will probably never fight again in Nevada." Probably? Man, those guys are tough.

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