The Paula Files, Part II

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Another day, another Clinton document dump on the Internet. This time, it's the dregs from the Paula Jones case. The not-so-surprising news is that the good parts have already leaked -- which is why Judge Susan Webber Wright said she was releasing the papers in the first place. Still, for aficionados, there are a few new morsels. The largest: President Clinton testified he had not had sex with any woman who was an employee of the federal government or the state of Arkansas since 1986, the time frame specified by the judge. Conspicuous by its absence: the Clinton deposition in which he denies having sex with Monica Lewinsky.

Special Report Meanwhile, there's still the matter of an appeal. A cursory phone call from Clinton attorney Bob Bennett Sunday told Paula's lawyers that their last-minute offer of $2 million to settle the suit before it goes to appeal Tuesday had fallen flat in the White House. And Bennett also said his current $700,000 offer wouldn't be on the table forever. Jones herself, egged on by husband Steve and spokeswoman Susan Carpenter McMillan, had decided to up the ante and demand $1 million from both Clinton and New York parking lot magnate Abe Hirschfeld. Her lawyers argued bitterly against such a plan, seen as an unrealistic money grab. As they expected, the Clinton camp scoffed. Jones had better hope the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Minnesota looks on her case more favorably than Judge Wright did -- or she'll exit the national stage empty-handed.