Hot Wheels

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The Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles in America:
  1. Honda Accord
  2. Toyota Camry
  3. Oldsmobile Cutlass
  4. Honda Civic CRX
  5. Ford Mustang
  6. Toyota Corolla
  7. Chevrolet full-size pickup
  8. Nissan Maxima
  9. Jeep Cherokee
  10. Ford F150 series pickup
Source: NICB
As anyone who's ever tried to replace the front fender on a '79 Caprice will tell you, the sum of a car's parts can be a lot greater than the whole. Which, quick getaways aside, is pretty much why anybody steals cars.

That said, not all vehicles are equal in the eyes of a thief. Topping this year's most wanted list, as compiled by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, is the Honda Accord -- which makes sense, since it's one of the top two or three sellers in the U.S. year after year. Interestingly, the nearly-as-popular Ford Taurus doesn't even make the top 10, while pickups are more popular than ever. Where does your car rank?