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Carlos the Jackal's defense attorney said the terrorist mastermind won't reveal potentially damaging secrets of the terrorist governments -- such as Syria's -- that harbored him during the last 20 years. But in a one-on-one interview with TIME, prosecuting judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere says he's amassing evidence to draw Carlos out. "He's nothing less than a walking encyclopedia of terrorism," the judge told TIME senior correspondent William Rademaekers in his chaotic command bunker in Paris' Palais de Justice. Bruguiere, who under France's system acts as investigator, grand jury and judge, said he would tie Carlos to at least six terrorist acts that killed 18 French citizens. And Carlos, blamed for nearly every bombing of note since the early 1970s, will have to start talking to avoid more heat. "The judge has no doubt this man has knowledge of every major terrorist attack in Europe in the past 20 years," Rademaekers says. "Even if he didn't do it, he knows who did."