Hillary for Hire

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NEW YORK: To get out their anger, some people go to the gym. Hillary hits the campaign trail. The First Lady kicked off a four-state tour to boost Democratic candidates Wednesday by jumping into the only political battle that's actually uglier than her husband's: Rep. Charles Schumer's bid to unseat New York senator Al D'Amato. And although she's ditched the Tammy Wynette impression for that of sharp-tongued politico (she lacerated D'Amato for "voting to keep women down and back") TIME White House correspondent Karen Tumulty says she's helping her Bill more this way than she ever could have on Oprah.

Special Report "She's beginning a frenzied campaign tour, including stops where Democrats have said her husband's not welcome," says Tumulty. Of course Schumer is happy to have her stop by. A visit from Mrs. Clinton and her sky-high approval ratings rings up all the bells and whistles of a presidential stump with none of the baggage that Clinton brings. "She's using this incredible political capital she has right now to help the President with the audience that counts: lawmakers," says Tumulty. Schumer, of course, will have a chance to return the favor; he sits on the House Judiciary Committee, in whose hands the President's fate now rests.