Monica Uncensored: Jordan Learns About Phone Sex

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Special ReportA. Right. I I I asked I called on the morning of the 22nd to see if I could come and see Mr. Jordan... I also wanted to find out if he had in fact told the president that I had been subpoenaed.
Q. Right.
A. Which I found out he did. So I so I told Mr. Jordan that I said I was concerned that maybe that someone had listened in on phone calls and Mr. Jordan said, "Well, you know, so what? The president's allowed to call people."
And I said, "Well, we've had phone sex."
And so Mr. Jordan said, "Well, what's phone sex?"
And so I said, "Well, you know what phone sex is."
And he said, "No, I don't. I'm just an old man. I don't know what phone sex is."
And it was kind of this discussion that way.