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The terrorism world's luminaries are reuniting for the French prosecution of Carlos the Jackal, the world-famous mercenary killer who made a handcuffed debut before a Paris judge today. This morning, Jean-Louis Bruguiere, France's renowned judge of terrorism cases, charged Carlos in a 1982 Paris bombing that killed a pregnant woman and injured 63 other people -- one of several cases he may stand trial for. Carlos has hired the flamboyant French lawyer Jacques Verges, who defended the late Lyons Gestapo chief Klaus Barbie. His other attorney, Mourad Oussedik, today began a p.r. campaign with a claim that his client had been illegally "taken against his will, tied up and drugged" by French counterterrorism agents in Sudan, instead of simply turned over. Not likely, says TIME senior correspondent William Rademaekers, who says the French tracked Carlos for years but never had cooperation from the terrorist governments who sheltered him -- until now.