All Monica, All the Time

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WASHINGTON: Monica Lewinsky's testimony is all out there now -- nearly 1,000 pages of it, plus or minus the really dirty bits that didn't make it past the congressional censors. Some of the nuggets that did:

  • The love dress. "And [Linda Tripp] told me that I should put it in a safe deposit box because it could be evidence one day... and then when Thanksgiving time came around and I told her that I was going to wear it for Thanksgiving, she told me I looked fat in the dress, I shouldn't wear it."

  • A people person. "I'm a friendly person and -- and I didn't know it was a crime in Washington for people -- for you to want people to like you and so I was friendly. And I guess I wasn't supposed to be." Special Report

  • "The Stalker." "There were obviously people at the White House who didn't like me and wouldn't be understanding of why I was coming to see the President or accepting of that . . . And [White House supervisor Evelyn Lieberman] looked at me and said, 'They hired you?'"

  • She breaks like a little girl. "And [Lieberman] -- she really startled me and I walked away and I went down to the bathroom and I was crying because -- I mean, when -- you know, when an older woman sort of chastises you like that, it's upsetting."

    Monica fears for her life. "I think that maybe there -- there -- maybe once or twice it had crossed my mind in some bizarre way because everybody's heard about the different you know, sure, there's the Marilyn Monroe theory."

    She feared for her freedom. Prosecutor Jackie Bennett said in January "You're 24, you're smart, you're old enough, you don't need to call your mommy"... [Lewinsky thought] "If I left then they were going to arrest me."

  • She knew her man. On Clinton never allowing their sex to "come to completion": "Maybe that was his way of being able to feel OK about it, his way of being able to justify it or rationalize it."

  • Her word is her bond."I told him I could always -- I would always deny it. I would always protect him."