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WASHINGTON: Never mind the presidential videotape. Coming your way Monday is a data dump so massive and so lascivious that it makes the 445-page Starr report look like a pamphlet on papal history. The 3,183 pages of supporting documentary evidence has got everything Lewinsky scandal watchers could ever want to read, and a lot they wouldn't: the former intern's detailed descriptions of her Oval Office escapades; presidential phone messages left at her home; FBI tests on the blue Gap dress.

Special Report It was this mountain of paper, not the President's testimony, that caused the most hand-wringing in the House Judiciary Committee last week. And the vast majority of votes were unanimous agreements to strike the most obscene extracts from the public record. Whether these minor acts of sanitation will stem a tide of disgust is another question, but the White House is already offended. "They decided that rather than just doing a document dump, they would do a garbage dump," said deputy chief of staff John Podesta. Now he and his collegues will have do the cleanup.