Highlights From the Clinton Videotape

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About seven minutes into his testimony, President Clinton was asked whether he had been intimate with Monica Lewinsky. The President replied by reading from a prepared statement:

Special Report When I was alone with Ms. Lewinsky on certain occasions in early 1996 and one in early 1997, I engaged in conduct that was wrong.

On the definition of "sex":

Q: What did you understand the word "causes" (in the definition of "sex") to mean?
A: I don't know what that means.

On the truthfulness of Robert Bennett's statement that there is no sex of any kind between Bill and Monica:

It depends upon what the meaning of the word "is" means.

Speaking about the Paula Jones suit:

I'm trying to be honest with you, and it hurts me.

On the gifts he gave Lewinsky at their last meeting:

I remember giving her the bear and the throw (rug)... I didn't remember the cherry chocolates.

On sex with Monica:

I tried to do it when no one else was looking.

On questions from the Paula Jones lawyers:

[T]hey were free to ask a follow-up question and they didn't.

On questions from the independent counsel's office:

I'm not going to answer your trick questions.

On his Paula Jones testimony:

I wanted to be legal without being particularly helpful.

On Monica and the Secret Service:

I'm quite aware that Ms. Lewinsky has a way of getting information out of people when she's either charming or determined.

On whether inserting an object into the genitalia of another person is covered by the definition of "sexual relations":

There is nothing here about that, is there?

Q: If Monica Lewinsky says you touched her breast would she be lying?
A: That is not my recollection.

On Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill:

I believe they both thought they were telling the truth.

On Monica's ability to keep their relationship secret:

I knew the moment there was no contact anymore she would talk about it. She had to. It's part of her psyche.

On Brand-X:

At that point, Newsweek had become almost a sponsoring media outlet for the Paula Jones case.

On having to admit to having sexual relations with Gennifer Flowers:

I'd have rather gone through a whipping than admit to that, after all the trouble I'd been through with Gennifer Flowers.

On having to admit to having an inappropriate relationship with Monica Lewsinsky:

I'd give anything in the world not to have to admit what I admitted to today.

On whether Kathleen Willey made sexual advances on him:

I wouldn't call it a sexual advance. She was always very friendly.

Did Monica Lewinsky perform oral sex on you?

I'm not going to answer that except with reference to my statement.

On whether he coached Mrs. Currie to lie:

Q: When you said to Mrs. Currie "You could see and hear everything," that wasn't true, was it?
A: My memory of that is that she had the ability to hear anything if she came into the Oval Office.

On Monica's breasts:

Q: If Monica Lewinsky says that... you touched her breast would she be lying?
A: That's not my recollection.