Clinton's Day of Reckoning

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The unexpectedly speedy delivery of the Starr report came during a day of fast-moving scandal news, and coincided with an equally surprising public display of contrition from Bill Clinton. "I let you down," the President told Democratic donors in Orlando. "I let my family down. I let this country down. I'm trying to make it right. I'm determined to never let anything like that happen again."

Special Report Which, according to TIME Washington correspondent Jay Branegan, is another baby step in the right direction. "This is the beginning of a strategy of bite-size pieces of apology from Clinton, rather than another major speech," says Branegan. "Admitting fault and personal guilt is not his strength." But after eating humble pie with top Democrats Wednesday morning -- and getting a positive reaction -- the President has apparently decided to take his contrition show on the road. And not a moment too soon. Once Congress starts sifting through a ton of material relating to his private foibles, Clinton may have to get even better at saying "Sorry."