And Now Back To You, Monica

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WASHINGTON: Bill Clinton might like to think he's safely back in the bully pulpit. But events Friday seem to be conspiring to remind him that l'affaire Lewinsky is very much still a work in progress. In fact, the whole gang's here: Bruce Lindsey looks set to return to the grand jury, his first appearance since the Supreme Court took his attorney-client privilege away. Reports are emerging that Monica's testimony conflicts with Betty Currie's, which could lead to one or both of them being recalled. And Linda Tripp is back in the news as her wiretapping case in Maryland picks up steam.

Special Report Not that any of these developments are particularly harmful to the President; some may even be beneficial in the long run. Currie and Lewinsky allegedly disagree on whether the intern asked the secretary to pick up Clinton's gifts in person at her Watergate apartment. But if Clinton and Lewinsky both said discussions over returning the gifts occurred prior to the Paula Jones case, the discrepancy can hardly count toward an obstruction of justice charge. Tripp's troubles -- a Radio Shack store now says it warned her that wiretapping was illegal -- may help to discredit one of Ken Starr's central witnesses. Lindsey, of course, is hardly likely to be loose-lipped. And yet their combined presence may serve to bring the scandal back to the forefront of media attention -- in the same way $75 million worth of cruise missiles helped to push it away.