What's Muammar's Next Move?

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UNITED NATIONS: For Muammar Ghaddafi, that was a poker face. The Libyan leader's rambling, repetitive and occasionally defiant interview on CNN Thursday afternoon -- "They are not pieces of fruit," Ghaddafi said more than once, referring to the suspects in the Pan Am 103 bombing -- left observers first chuckling and then wondering: How sincere is he?

TIME reporter Stu Stogel says from the U.N. that Western diplomats think Ghaddafi may finally be ready to do a deal, and are ready to extend a friendly hand. "The British and Americans are discussing a temporary suspension of the sanctions on Libya as a show of good faith," he says, "and that would probably be enough to satisfy Ghaddafi." But the ever-elusive Muammar has left himself an out. "So far, he's only promised that he would let the Libyan courts rule on the extradition," says Stogel. "And we all know which way that would come out."