U.S. Blasts Terror Bases

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Just three days after his national confessional, President Clinton is on the attack again. "Our target was terror," Clinton said in a live Oval office address Thursday evening. "Our mission was clear." Between 75 and 100 cruise missiles hit six training camps in Afghanistan and one chemical factory in Sudan -- all said to be linked with the prime suspect in the African embassy bombings, Osama bin Laden. Careful to avoid any "Wag the Dog" comparisons, National Security Adviser Sandy Berger said the attack had been planned for weeks, and was based on "very specific information" that bin Laden was about to strike again at "very specific targets" -- including the U.S. embassy in Albania. (Ironically, the movie featured a sex-scandal plagued President who launches a fake war on Albania).

Special Report Bin Laden and his top aides survived the attacks, according to Afgahnistan's Taliban rulers. Through his spokesman, Bin Laden denied responsibility for the Africa bombings but urged all Muslims to "continue their jihad against Americans and Jews." The Saudi-born millionaire has been a thorn in America's side for some time. Last May he established a new front dedicated to driving the U.S. out of the Persian Gulf; another group linked to bin Laden issued an ominous warning in a London-based Arabic newspaper Wednesday. "Strikes will continue from everywhere" against the United States, it said. Now Washington has launched a few of its own -- at a time that just happened to be very convenient for the President.