Revealed: Monica's Kiss-and-Tell

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WASHINGTON: Just what did that "improper" relationship involve, anyway? As Monica Lewinsky returned for five hours of grand jury grilling Thursday, a special issue of TIME reports that her account of the White House tryst may be significantly damaging to President Clinton. While the President denied perjuring himself and admitted receiving only oral sex, Lewinsky told jurors that Clinton fondled her breasts and genitals. Such activity was unquestionably covered by the definition of sex Clinton was shown in his January deposition, when he denied a sexual relationship with Lewinsky. When presented with her critically different version, the President refused to reconcile the discrepancy -- by declining to answer questions of a "graphic and offensive" nature.

Special Report "He construed things narrowly," one source familiar with Clinton's testimony told TIME. "He was accurate but not helpful, and that was his goal." Such prevarication may earn Clinton a new subpoena, of course, presuming Monica stood by her story. But the President's legal team knows that would make Starr appear to be simply pursuing salacious details, which is exactly how they are trying to paint him. The independent counsel's other option? Take the intern's testimony for what it is -- courtroom evidence of presidential perjury -- and send the whole kit and caboodle along to Congress.