Clinton DNA Surrendered

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WASHINGTON: Now that he's confessed, what about the mess on the dress? Sources close to Ken Starr say they have obtained a sample of President Clinton's DNA Thursday, and that it will be sent directly to the FBI crime lab where Monica's infamous blue Gap dress currently resides. Prosecutors most likely obtained the sample -- blood or saliva -- from Bethesda Naval Hospital, where the President has his annual physicals.

Special Report Indeed, the lack of opposition from the White House -- which had originally been expected wage a protracted court battle for presidential DNA privilege -- speaks volumes about how unimportant the dress is, now that Clinton has finally owned up to an "improper" relationship with the former intern. No matter where the alleged stain resides, it would simply be physical evidence of what Clinton has already admitted. Its testing days will soon be done, and the blue dress can join the Zegna tie in the closet of Clinton curiosities.