DeLay's Tactic

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WASHINGTON: Since Monday, outright calls for President Clinton's resignation by Republicans have been limited to presidential wannabes like Senator John Ashcroft and Dan Quayle. Not any more -- TIME Congressional correspondent James Carney says that House Majority Whip Tom DeLay's coming-out party Wednesday ("The President should resign for the good of the country") means that the GOP's universal disgust with Clinton is finally boiling over in the House.

Special Report "With Starr's report coming, the House Republican line still calls for restraint," Carney says, "and in the meantime, none of them actually think he'll resign. But there's an insistent minority that feels that Clinton's moral turpitude can't pass without comment. DeLay speaks for them." With 70 percent of Americans now opposing Clinton's removal, according to the latest CNN poll, it's a good thing DeLay has such a firm grip on his seat.