Chelsea's Longest Vacation

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You've got to feel for Chelsea. "Things will never be the same for her as a daughter or as a woman," says Parent Time editor Amy Barr. "Even for a 19-year-old trained in childhood to have a thick skin, this has got to be the nadir of life in the fishbowl." On the cusp of adulthood, Chelsea's trust in the most important man in her life has been severely tested -- if not shattered -- by the fact that he lied to her about a tryst with a woman only six years her senior. But the demands of Clinton family public life are relentless: Chelsea was out working a rope line with her parents Wednesday, and will spend 12 days cloistered in a Martha's Vineyard compound with the feuding first couple.

"Whatever the political considerations, if Chelsea had wanted out of this vacation they should have let her," says Barr. "She probably just wanted to go some place and hide -- the last thing she needs right now is to be forced to play go-between or referee."