Monica Redux

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WASHINGTON: Thought it was over? Not a chance. Monica Lewinsky has been summoned to return to the courthouse on Thursday -- where Ken Starr, in a classic prosecutorial pincer movement, will try to get her to contradict President Clinton's Monday testimony. If she does, Starr has a crack at getting the President for perjuring himself before a federal grand jury -- a much more serious charge than any Clinton has faced so far, and one that could bring the country a step closer to impeachment.

Special Report And when Starr's report hits Congress, it seems, Clinton can no longer rely on fellow Democrats to dismiss it out of hand. The theme on Capitol Hill Tuesday was "betrayal," as liberal luminaries lined up to wag the finger at their wayward President. "I am very disappointed in his personal conduct," said Dick Gephardt. "My trust in his credibility has been shattered," lamented Senator Dianne Feinstein of California -- previously one of the President's most vocal defenders, now a vituperative detractor. Hell hath no fury like a congresswoman scorned.