Newspapers to Bill: For Shame!

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Editorial pages throughout the nation fairly quivered with indignation Tuesday in response to President Clinton's Monday night speech. "Clinton's hollow apology puts nothing to rest," headlined USA Today. "How someone of such surpassing intellect and such protean political talents could indulge in such reckless conduct ... is not a new question," lamented the New York Times. "The currency of the presidency," said the Chicago Tribune, "has been devalued." The Miami Herald was even more scathing: "Bill Clinton looked America in the eye Monday night and defined himself as a liar."

Special Report So much for crime. How about punishment? "Perhaps the evidence in the end will warrant some lesser sanction than impeachment," wrote the Wall Street Journal. "But to shrink now from truth and judgment in the name of 'healing' is to make us all complicit with Mr. Clinton's behavior." Newsday opined: "The national jury is still out on whether he can be trusted to lead the country."