Starr: Report at the Ready

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However much the President may dread testifying next Monday, he'll have one crumb of comfort: The remainder of the investigation will be mercifully brief. According to Wednesday's Washington Post, Ken Starr has his impeachment report ready to go, and is simply waiting to slot in Clinton's testimony. It could hit Capitol Hill within weeks, which will really put the cat among the electoral pigeons. "If it's focused on the President's personal life," claimed one White House aide of Starr's report, "it's perilous for the Republicans and less so for the Democrats." Some Democrats begged to differ. And the GOP leadership simply recognized it would have to spin like crazy -- "If we don't set up a war room, we'll get outfoxed by the White House," said a leadership aide.

Special Report However damaging the details of Starr's report may be, it's likely that Clinton friend Harry Thomason, who testified Tuesday, will warrant little more than a footnote. The Hollywood producer got burned in the Travelgate investigation because he knew too much. However, when it came to matters Lewinsky, it appears this Arkansas native dispensed advice but heard no evil. "What did he tell you about his relationship?" Thomason said he was asked before the grand jury. "The answer was, nothing." Don't ask, don't tell: The catch-all policy of the Clinton presidency.