Lewinsky, By the Book

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WASHINGTON: Ken Starr's pile of evidence against Bill Clinton in the Lewinsky matter just keeps growing. On top of the Tripp tapes, White House logs and Monica Lewinsky's own testimony, TIME magazine reports Monday that Starr also has a stenographer's notebook in which Linda Tripp recorded corroborating details from conversations with the former White House intern. Taking Tripp's betrayal of her former friend's confidence to breathtaking new heights, the 80 to 100 pages of tight shorthand chronicle times, dates and places of alleged Presidential assignations. The notebook makes it all the more difficult for Clinton to deny the affair in his testimony come August 17. As one private lawyer involved with the case tells TIME, "they were alone an awful lot."

Special Report The notebook evidence may be the reason Ken Starr has chosen to gamble all or nothing on Monica. When the independent counsel makes his impeachment report to Congress, sources say, it will focus entirely on obstruction of justice and perjury charges in the Lewinsky matter. That's all -- no Whitewater, no Web Hubbell, no Travelgate. Such trivialities will be detailed in a separate Starr report to the three-judge panel that appointed him. It's a bold move for Starr, especially considering his office is now under investigation for possible illegal leaks of grand jury information. Will the President be impeached, or will Starr be disbarred? It all depends on whether either probe gathers "substantial and credible" evidence that a crime was committed.