Monica: We Have a Deal

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WASHINGTON: What's in a deal? This much we know: Monica Lewinsky has transactional, or full, immunity from prosecution. That sweeping agreement suggests that the former White House intern may be offering Ken Starr a great deal of useful information. Her mother, Marcia Lewis, has the same protection. Such maneuvering of his main pieces means the independent counsel is reaching the endgame of his investigation. "Starr is moving quickly to bring his star witnesses on stage, Monica and the President," says TIME Washington bureau chief Michael Duffy.

Special Report How does the President feel about that? "He's pleased that things are working out for her," said press spokesman Mike McCurry. He'll be less pleased with the timing: Just when Clinton's lawyers were hammering out the details of how and when their boss would appear before the grand jury, along comes Monica. "That's good scare tactics," says TIME Washington correspondent Jef McAllister. "Starr will want to put Monica on the stand first, to have as many specifics as possible to catch the President." The one specific that counts, of course, is whether she was told to lie. Unless Monica has any dirt to dish on that score, Clinton can rest easy.