Clinton: Ask Me No Questions

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ON THE ROAD: Social Security was the official topic, but the Washington reporters who schlepped across the West with President Clinton this weekend had something else on their mind: Will the President testify? Of course, Bill wasn't going to say -- but as a reporter, it's the question you've gotta ask, and keep asking.

"First we just yelled out 'Mr. President, will you testify?' whenever he would get into his limo, or off Air Force One," says TIME Daily Washington correspondent Declan McCullagh. "But he barely even looked up. Then we'd ask him, 'Can we ask you some questions?' That didn't work either. But once, they had started up the press plane, and the engine was roaring, so you couldn't hear a thing. Clinton looked over to us and waved, and shouted something. He knew we couldn't possibly hear him, and that he wouldn't be able to hear us. So he pretended to wait for a question, and then he shrugged and walked away, smiling," McCullagh says ruefully. "At least he's got a sense of humor about it."