Pfizer Sued Over Viagra

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NEW YORK: The honeymoon may be over for Viagra. Diego Padro, 63, has filed the first lawsuit against Pfizer Inc. -- claiming that Viagra gave him a heart attack Ė- and at $85 million, itís a lulu. "He was perfectly healthy, and five days after he started taking Viagra -- bam," said Ronald Benjamin, attorney for Padro and his wife, Maria, Thursday after filing the suit in state Supreme Court against the maker of the impotency treatment drug. "The warning about Viagra to the medical profession is inadequate."

Most of the heart problems so far associated with Viagra usage have been explained away as the normal result of, well, old men having sex for the first time in a while. But on its surface, Padroís case seems stronger: His doctor gave him the pills after a checkup that included a cardiogram and treadmill stress test. And Padro says he has no history of heart trouble. The case could be troublesome for both Pfizer and the FDA, which approved Viagra for use regardless of age.