The New Yorker's Newest Editor

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Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Remnick, whom Tina Brown personally recruited to The New Yorker as a staff writer, was named on Monday to succeed her as editor of the venerable magazine. Remnick, 39, who has written more than 100 articles for the magazine, will take over when Brown leaves Aug. 1 (to start a new multimedia venture with Miramax). Remnick said his top priority will be "to edit a magazine of hilarity, deep reporting, literary quality and moral seriousness." He wouldn't discuss any specific changes he may have in mind for the magazine, or his contract.

In an e-mail circulating around the Net, entitled "My Carreer as Editor of The New Yorker," Slate editor Michael Kinsley says Conde Nast chief Si Newhouse initially asked him to edit the weekly. But in a late-night phone call the magazine mogul retracted the offer, asking Kinsley to say he'd withdrawn his name. Kinsley, a former Crossfire host, at first agreed to keep quiet about the now-you-see-it, now-you-don't almost job, but then, Kinsley writes in his e-mail, "on reflection... I decided I was not inclined to do him the favor of not discussing it."