The Secret Service’s Second-to-Last Stand

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WASHINGTON: The Secret Service has persuaded the Justice Department to prolong its court battle for a "Secret Service privilege," hoping to buy some time between Justice's most recent defeat and the Supreme Court ruling this fall. Justice is asking a federal appeals court to reconsider its decision ordering agents to testify in the Lewinsky investigation, on the grounds that a President's life may be at stake.

Special ReportMeanwhile, Congress, charged with creating any such privilege by the appeals court’s last decision, is coming to the President’s rescue –- and just not this President’s. Starr-friendly Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin G. Hatch promised Sunday to "do everything I can to cooperate with the Secret Service" and hold hearings to "see what can be done next year" to craft a bill to satisfy both protective and investigative concerns. But of course, for Bill Clinton, next year will be a year too late.