Can Tripp Trump Monica?

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In Ken Starr’s mind, Lady Justice is holding two sisters on her scales -- Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp. The more Monica is willing to tell Starr about the presidential peccadilloes, the less he needs of Tripp. Which is why Linda Tripp is back on the stand Tuesday for a third day of chatting with the friendliest grand jury she’ll ever see: Monica isn’t dealing. So Starr is making a point of building his case around Tripp, trying to convince Lewinsky’s lawyers – and the rest of us – that Tripp can give him all he needs.

Special Report If she doesn’t, it won’t be for lack of asking -- apparently this jury is really enjoying Tripp’s company. According to TIME, after two full days Tripp hasn’t even begun talking bout the 20 hours of Monica confessions she secretly tape-recorded – tapes that would seem to be Tripp’s only real link to this scandal. Yet Starr spokesman Charles Bakaly said over the weekend that the grand jurors have been asking a lot of questions and that the always-expeditious Mr. Starr is moving just as fast as he can. Tripp, meanwhile, suddenly has grand jury problems of her own: An inquiry has begun in Maryland to determine her secret tape recordings of Lewinsky violated state law.