An Ugly Spat Over Diana's Tomb

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To visit Princess Diana's memorial at her family's Althorp estate, you'd never know Dodi Fayed existed. And that has his father, Mohammed Al Fayed, lashing out at out Diana's brother, Earl Spencer. "I am sure the people who visit Diana's grave will be amazed there isn't a mention of Dodi's name and there are so many of Prince Charles, who brought her so much unhappiness," said Al Fayed. "(Spencer) himself admitted in his speech on the day of her funeral that she had finally found happiness in her private life."

There's no love lost between Al Fayed and Diana's brother. Earl Spencer was enraged by Al Fayed's claim that the Princess was about to marry Dodi and had spoken about him moments before her death. The relationship, he said, had not gotten beyond the "heady" stage. Britain's tabloids are debating whether her lovers deserve a mention in the family's memorial, and Mohammed Al Fayed's lifelong battle for acceptance into Britain's aristocracy goes on.