Behind the Curtain:'s Top 10

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Look out, Leo: Prince William wants to be king. While Leonardo DiCaprio, America's most squealed-at name (and New York's most written-about club-hopper) once again topped the list of's most searched-for last week, Britannia's young lion -- on the strength of his Sweet Sixteen -- climbed the charts to a very close second.

In third? A reliable and certainly related topic, "sex. Rounding out the top five were the Spice Girls and "astrology -- and the little ladies didn't stop there. Coming in at No. 6 was sassy, IMF-bashing Malaysian prime minister Mahathir, whose shirtless pose on the cover of Foreign Affairs magazine last month set hearts aflutter the world over. No. 7 was horoscope; No. 8, Microsoft (indicating that Bill Gates's new PR campaign may be having unexpected effects); No. 9 was Malaysia, and at No. 10, Time Warner's very own Teen People.