Starr Turns Up the Heat

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Ken Starr will turn up the heat on Monica Lewinsky Tuesday when he puts Linda Tripp on the stand. With negotiations deadlocked between Lewinsky's attorneys and Starr's investigation over what the intern would be prepared to concede in her testimony, getting Tripp's testimony on record is a way of boxing in Lewinsky, says TIME Correspondent Eric Pooley. Lewinsky's lawyers have reportedly repeated the offer that she would testify to an affair but not to a cover-up, but that hasn't been enough to persuade Starr to offer immunity. Putting Tripp in the stand - even for a limited preview of her testimony - raises the stakes for the Lewinsky camp.

Meanwhile, Newsweek reports that a 47-year-old New York businesswoman will testify to a physical relationship between the intern and the President. Dale Young, an alleged Lewinsky confidante reportedly told the magazine that Lewinsky had claimed she and the President had engaged in foreplay, but that "nothing was ever taken to conclusion." Adding new detail to the coy speculation over the latitude of definitions involved in the President's denial of the relationship, Young was quoted as saying, "He felt it wasn't really oral sex if it wasn't completed."