Windows on the PC World

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The $89 bug fix otherwise known as Windows 98 officially went on sale at midnight, and despite the cloud of lawsuits peskily buzzing around, it looks as if Microsoft will once again be crying all the way to the bank. Despite Win98's mixed reviews, the early projections from industry analyst Dataquest say that it will account for 51 percent of all operating systems shipped on new PCs this year. Obviously, that will go up even more next year.

But the bad news is for stores such as CompUSA, which are hoping to make a buck from the upgrade market. Dataquest estimates that Microsoft will move a modest 5.5 million of the upgrade packages; most people who have Windows 95 plan to stick with it for now. As usual with a a major Microsoft release, computer stores are hoping for a ripple effect, where customers buying Win98 will throw in extra bits of hardware or software that's billed as working especially well with Windows 98. CompUSA even had mimes at its Manhattan store at midnight attempting to entice cultured shoppers. Maybe they should have tried free Roach Motels.