Player of the Day

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Occupation: Next King of England but one; bearer of the Diana torch; Eton schoolboy.

Age: 16 this Sunday.

Ah, sweet 16, when a young man's thoughts turn ... Careful. You'll get us into trouble.

How so? Wills is now in the habit of complaining about intrusive press stories. The London Mail on Sunday got a thunderbolt from St. James' Palace this week over a special birthday supplement on "The People's Prince at 16." According to the London Mirror, William told his dad: "Enough is enough."

Aw, how sweet. His first press complaint. In the royal family, it's like a bar mitzvah.

So what got Will's dander up? What the palace describes as "silly comments" about girls who took his fancy; claims that he got aides to vet his friends before they came to tea; and speculation about "what William's bedroom might be like."

Investigative journalism at its best: The Mail called its supplement "a warm tribute."

But they apologized? Oh yeah. When it comes to William, son of Diana, smart newspapers leave well enough alone.

Not to be confused with: Prince William Sound in Alaska; William of Orange; The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.