Beijing Bans Book on Bill

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When President Clinton visits Beijing next month, China's embarassment will not be confined to the legacy of Tiananmen Square, nor to the bicycles, parked cars or city shrubs that authorities are currently spiriting away or sprucing up. A naughty little tome called "The Temperament of President Clinton" -- on the visitor's myriad sex scandals -- is also causing some red faces in the ancient city.

Like a teenage son caught with a stack of pornography, the book's state-owned publisher is pulling the offending item off shelves as fast as it can. But Xueyuan Publishing Co. claimed Friday that the problem had more to do with bad bindings than a book ban. "There are problems with the binding that caused photo montages of Clinton with various women to fall out," said one staffer. And imagine the embarassment if Bill were to walk in at that moment, searching for the perfect Mandarin-language gift for Chelsea.