Farewell to Mir

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It's time for Discovery to head home, and every nook and cranny of the shuttle is stuffed with souvenirs of its last hook-up with Mir. Astronaut Andrew Thomas -- who spent 130 days on the Russian station and brought back a bundle of posters, certificates and even a guitar -- seems to have the perennial tourist's problem of packing in zero gravity: "We've got stuff floating everywhere," he said after rejoining his colleagues Thursday.

Another souvenir Discovery brings home: A successful navigation experiment with Global Positioning System satellites. For the first time ever, the shuttle successfully received GPS data -- and that's something of a relief after a $33 million antimatter experiment was ruined Tuesday by communication breakdowns. Coming after the antenna malfunction that prevented TV broadcasts of their Mir hookup, the astronauts must have wondered whether their record of woes would outpace the Russian station's. Now the only thing they need worry about is storage space.