U.S. Soothes Mexico Over Drug Bust

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Don't expect the U.S. to significantly alter its approach to drug busts south of the border despite Mexico's strenuous objections to a recent sting operation, says TIME reporter Stewart Stogel. "The 'Operation Casablanca' sting played well on Capitol Hill, and that will carry more weight than Mexico's objections," says Stogel. Presidents Clinton and Zedillo met for an hour yesterday in a bid to resolve tensions over the operation, in which the Mexican government was kept out of the loop as U.S. agents arrested a number of Mexicans accused of money laundering, and brought them to the U.S. for trial.

"The Mexicans are complaining that their sovereignty is being violated," says Stogel. "They want the agents involved in the sting arrested and extradited." Stogel reports that Clinton yesterday may have expressed some regret over the handling of the operation, but also stressed that there would be no prosecution of DEA agents. Despite yesterday's talks, a Washington meeting later this week between Mexican legislators and their U.S. counterparts will likely see sparks flying.