Diana Death Probe Confrontation

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It's called a "confrontation," and it could only happen in the French justice system. All the witnesses and relatives involved in a possible crime get together and argue amongst themselves. That's what Diana's mother, Dodi's father and a whole host of passers-by from the fatal crash were doing in Paris Friday. Sources close to Judge Herve Stephan say it's a sign his probe is wrapping up. Stephan seems ready to put Diana's death down to drunk driver Henri Paul, and this is the last chance for those who blame the paparazzi, or an international conspiracy, to plead their case.

While there's certainly no shortage of alternative theories -- one estimate puts the current number of Diana conspiracy web sites at 36,000 -- their credibility is dwindling. Mohammed Al-Fayed has reportedly backed away from his "99.9 percent certainty" that the British Secret Service killed Diana and his son. A recent UK TV documentary suggesting the French Secret Service were responsible got a critical roasting. Barring some last-minute revelation on the role of photographers, a measure of closure is about to be brought to the Princess's demise. Another tragic incident of DWI -- case closed.