Nichols Gets Life Sentence

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Once again, Terry Nichols stood silently before Judge Richard Matsch, this time to receive the sentence he'd feared since being convicted last December in the Oklahoma City bombing case: Life in prison, without parole. The defense had argued for a seven-year term with the plea that Nichols couldn't very well say anything in his defense without the risk that it might be used against him in the murder trial that the state of Oklahoma hopes to conduct.

Matsch offered him a small way out -- a deal to potentially lessen the sentence if Nichols would give the feds more information about Timothy McVeigh and the plot to destroy the Alfred P. Murrah building. But Nichols would not provide any answers in the Denver courtroom. The only statements came from victims of the bombing, who once again told the court how their lives had been shattered by the bomb and called for the maximum penalty.