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Age: 49.

Known aliases: Fellow White House aide Rahm Emmanuel dubbed him "G.K.," short for "Grassy Knoll."

Bit of a conspiracy theorist? It's a lifelong hobby. Back in 1975, he wrote an article for the Boston Phoenix claiming Lee Harvey Oswald was "almost certainly a U.S. intelligence operative."

Paging Oliver Stone:Precisely. And Blumenthal is the sole source for Hillary's claims of a "right-wing conspiracy."

He and Hillary are close? They speak on the phone twice a day.

Is that why Ken Starr is hauling him up before the grand jury? No, that would be because of Blumenthal's alleged leaks to journalists about Starr's investigation.

He likes talking to his old friends in the media, then:The former New Yorker Washington correspondent did vow, on the steps of the federal courthouse in February, that Starr would not sway him from talking to "any journalist here or elsewhere."

Ah, a fearless defender of the First Amendment: Not quite. The next words were from his lawyer: "We're not going to answer any questions." Since then, he has consistently refused to give interviews with, among others, CNN and the Baltimore Sun.

Why might that be? Because Blumenthal believes the press is conspiring to bring down the Clintons.

Right. No, Right-wing.