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Spaniard Miguel Indurain on Sunday achieved what only two other cyclists have: a fourth consecutive Tour de France victory. Indurain survived a grueling, 3,978-km Tour that saw almost half the original 189 contestants drop out because of heat and exhaustion. BEAU GESTE: A surprise for those who yawned at Indurain's expected win: French cyclist Richard Virenque, who distinguished himself as the best climber on the Tour, donated his entire 250,000-franc ($46,000) winnings to Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders), the physicians' group that runs some key humanitarian operations in Rwanda.WHAT MONEY CAN'T BUY? Honesty, apparently. More and more Americans are willing to sell their ethics for cold cash, according to a recent MONEY magazine poll of 1,000 people. Almost a quarter of those polled said they wouldn't correct a waiter who undercharged them, a rise from 1987, when only 15 percent said they wouldn't speak up. As the stakes grow higher, the lying seems to get worse. A third admitted they would cheat on their taxes, while 23 percent would be willing to steal $10 million, if they would not get caught.WHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR $10 MILLION? Tell us about it, in the MONEY folder.