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On the heels of last week's discovery that computer pirates set up shop inside two U.S. weapons labs, the Pentagon says hackers have surfed into their hardware. The intruders have tampered with unclassified computer systems, stealing, erasing and changing some records. The military says countless password thefts and other tactics by outsiders haven't affected critical systems such as missile control, but they admit the hackers have cruised into sensitive areas like missile research and aircraft design.THE BEST OF THE TUBE? The controversial police drama "NYPD Blue" racked up a record-setting 26 Emmy nominations today, including Best Drama and two Best Actor nods for stars David Caruso and Dennis Franz. CBS beat out the other networks with its 91 nominations. Other standouts include "Star Trek: The Next Generation's" bid for Best Drama Series -- the first time a syndicated show has been nominated for the honor. THE OOPS AWARD GOES TO: Comedian Tim Allen and his staff, who missed the nomination deadline for entering the star of "Home Improvement," which is a Best Comedy front runner.