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President Clinton said in an interview published today that he wanted more than the top three capos in Haiti's ruling junta to go, as he and the United Nations had sought before. "It is folly for us to believe that simply removing two or three people will give Haiti a chance to make it," Clinton told the Boston Globe. So what will the U.S. do next? Who knows, given the mixed signals from the Administration and other Democrats. Yesterday, Bill Gray, top U.S. adviser on Haiti, said the rulers had to be out by Oct. 1 -- three months before the last ultimatum. Today Clinton denied that. Meanwhile, Democratic Representative Bill Richardson of New Mexico, back from his self-appointed shuttle diplomacy in Port-au-Prince, said Haitian coup leader Lieut. General Raoul Cedras "is not totally intransigent." Richardson also opined that it would be a mistake for the President to order an invasion now.