Dwyane Wade

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Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade cradles his MVP trophy at the NBA store in New York City.

This week Dwyane Wade, MVP of the 2006 NBA Finals, carried the Miami Heat to its first championship in franchise history. But can he carry an Adam Sandler movie? Wade took a time-out from his frantic post-title schedule — appearances on David Letterman and Live with Regis and Kelly, prepping for the team's victory parade in Miami — to chat with TIME's Adam Pitluk about what he wants to do next.

TIME: Were your pre-game rituals any different for the Finals than for the regular season, or even for college?

Wade: No, I've pretty much been doing the same thing for all the games since college. You don't want to change your routine too much. One thing is, I always get some "me" time. You know, there's a lot of media running around and a lot of commotion, so I'll go somewhere and just sit and read or listen to music. That's the main thing that I do more than anything.

TIME: What were you reading or listening to before the Finals?

WADE: Different things. Sometimes you listen to different rap. Before Game 6 [a 95-92 Miami win that clinched the title for the Heat] one thing I put on was an old song from when I was in college. It was an Eminem song, "Lose Yourself." I listened to that over and over again before Game 6. There's a lot of words in there that gets your mind right.

TIME: What books or magazines do you read before game time?

WADE: Depends on how I feel. I read about the history of the game. A lot of times I'll read what people said about me. That gets me ready.

TIME: What's next for you on the business front? Are you looking at any new deals?

WADE: No question, right now is a big opportunity for me. A lot of new things are coming to the table. My main thing right now is my Converse deal. I'm really pushing to get my shoe out and my clothes out.

TIME: You were under contract with P-Diddy to do some modeling. Are you going to continue with that?

WADE: Naw, I'm not going to do any of that coming up. Me and P-Diddy have a great relationship. He comes to the games and shows support so I'll always show support for him. That was kind of a one-year thing. But of course I'm gonna still wear nothing but Sean John gear when I'm off the court because they continue to send it to me.

TIME: Do you have any movies or TV planned?

WADE: I don't know. I'm trying to look at my schedule. I was just talking to my agent yesterday and I'm gonna make a couple of appearances on something. I really want to get into something. And I actually just got done talking to and meeting Adam Sandler for the first time and I had an interesting conversation with him. I'm gonna throw a bug in his ear later, so we'll see. Maybe we can get into something together.

TIME: So your movie debut will go the comedy route?

WADE: You just got to get with the right people that make you look better, that make you look like you know what you're doing.

TIME: Shaquille O'Neal didn't get along well off the court with Kobe Bryant during his Laker days. How have you guys forged a great relationship?

WADE: From day one, when me and Shaq first talked on the phone, we jelled. And we've jelled ever since. We're both on the same page on the court and we're both on the same page off the court. He's like a father, like a brother to me off the court. He gives me advice on everything right or wrong. Our relationship will continue to grow and it's not just going to be while we're playing together.

TIME: Your high school coach said that back in the day, you were McDonald's number-one fan. You would never know that, given your physique. Do you still eat like that?

WADE: No question. I get ragged on a lot about my eating habits. I'm always eating McDonald's and different things like that before the game. I tell my wife sometime, 'you don't need to cook, I'll just stop by McDonald's.' That's what I always ate when I was a kid. Now, I'm fortunate enough to have a good metabolism so you don't see it.

TIME: So are you a Big Mac man or a quarter-pounder guy?

WADE: I'm a quarter-pounder, double cheeseburger, chicken nuggets guy. I'm not a vegetable eater, so I can't really get into the lettuce and all that that's on the Big Mac.