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When a detective leaped over the gate of O.J. Simpson's estate the morning after the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, was he in search of evidence or simply wanting to help what he thought might be victims inside? O.J.Simpson's attorney spent the day trying to convince the judge that it was evidence the detective was after, and that the items the cop found that morning should be thrown out because they were obtained without a search warrant. Simpson attorney Robert Shapiro, despite his aggressive grilling of the witnesses, isn't likely to get his way. "It would take a very brave judge to dismiss the evidence," says TIME legal reporter Andrea Sachs, who's been closely watching the proceedings. "The evidence is so damaging," It includes blood on Simpson's Ford bronco, on the curb outside his home and -- most riveting of all -- blood on a glove found on the premises, which matches one found at the murder scene.parpar