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Witnesses in the O.J. Simpson hearing began piecing together a mosaic of the night Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered. Much of the drama today came from details provided by a Simpson houseguest, who failed to corroborate O.J.'s assertion that he was at home when the victims were attacked. He did describe a bizarre pounding he heard that shook his room like an "earthquake." The limousine driver who tookSimpson to the airport related how he waited more than 10 minutes for his passenger, during which time he saw an African American male "walking pretty fast" go into the house. When Simpson finally entered the car, he seemed "rushed," according to the driver, but not angry or depressed. Simpson reportedly stated several times that he was hot. Such descriptions aren't exactly damning and may not help the prosecution prove it has enough evidence to bring Simpson to trial. But details from detectives investigating the crime may prove more helpful. What to watch for next: the defense's maneuverings to throw out much of the evidence, since it was collected by investigators without a search warrant.parpar