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Ever annoyed--or intrigued--by solicitation in cyberspace for offers to make you rich overnight? Two states are taking on such Netscams. New Jersey regulators have ordered the author of an electronic chain letter to cease; he's claiming a $5 investment will return participants a fat $60,000. In Missouri the info-highway patrol has targeted an unlicensed stockbroker who "trades" unregistered stocks on the information highway. More than two dozen additional cases are currently under investigation in seven different states.parparWhat's the best scam you've seen in cyberspace? Enter your submission in the folder, NETSCAMS: CYBER SURFERS BEWARE. The author of what is, in our humble opinion, the best, will win a much coveted TIME DAILY TSHIRT and 10 hours of free AOL. Who won the last contest? DASCAL, who knew that Camilla Parker Bowles husband's job was Army Brigadier.parparparpar