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It was a frantic dog that led passersby to the bodies of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman near midnight on June 12. And it was the wail of a canine earlier that prosecutors suggest marked the moment of Nicole's and Ronald's murders, at about 10:20 p.m. -- more than an hour before O.J. headed for the airport. The defense offered some of its own drama by handing over a sealed package of "evidence," to be opened at an undetermined date. The scramble to find the murder weapon continues too; the prosecution seems set on proving it was a stiletto-type knife. Those were the most dramatic highlights of a day once again filled with legalistic volleys between prosecution and defense.Although the exchange between the battling attorneys is often excruciatingly dull, the Simpson saga continues to boost TV viewing. The number of households glued to the tube the first day of the hearings increased the three major networks' audience 25 percent.parpar